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Before a book called "Textbook of life". Today, these textbooks, in addition to books, that's enough. This is the Internet and TV. But the book has always been, is and will be the most valuable source of information. Teach your children to books of their children and in the future they will thank you for a decent life. In the books the child can find the answer to any question. Do not try to answer the endless "why?" offer a book that contains the answer. Read with your child. Read aloud to him, switch roles. Let the little child reads, and you play the role of a sympathetic ear. Discuss with your child read. Teach him to retell the story, identify the main idea, answer questions. This will be a huge contribution to further education. Modern television has invaded our lives. And if a couple of decades ago, a child could watch cartoons entertainment one hour a day, the rest of the time was taken program for adults. Today there are lots of children's channels that show cartoons all day. Yes, there are educational cartoons, but none, even the highest quality cartoon, will not replace the importance of ordinary book.

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